20 YEARS, 30 YEARS, 40 YEARS, 50 YEARS, 60 YEARS...

Celebrate the tens, or why not surprise by marking the occasion of the birthday of someone who matters.

Surround the person we celebrate, and for a long time, with the testimonies of 10 to 60 participants who co-create a unique work, to be enjoyed daily.

“On the occasion of my 20th birthday, I received the Bouquet of Words from my relatives. An absolutely brilliant and original gift! I recommend this gift for anyone who wants to offer a unique present! » Heloise

“Excellent surprise and magnificent achievement for my 50th birthday… 4 years later I reread and all the participants reread and remember this magical moment. I really enjoyed and still enjoy this personalized word board and I think that all the participants really enjoyed the beautifully orchestrated realization by Catherine. ” Peter