Personal, collective, moving and authentic

The unique gift that makes you happy !
Made with love




On what occasion to offer a Bouquet of Words?


does what?


I take care of everything to enhance your messages


How long should we plan before the D-Day?

Cadeau anniversaire, mariage, pot de départ, départ en retraite pour célébrer ensemble une personne qui compte

A unique collective work

which brings together in a dedicated design, a multitude of messages collected from the entourage of the celebrated person. Beautiful to look at and good to read, the wow effect is assured, and for a long time.

Icone ampoule


200 expressions, 5000 characters and the collective signature of 28 participants on average. Messages loaded with meaning and emotion.

Icone peinture


Each custom design incorporates all messages to create a cohesive and aesthetic whole. A beautiful painting from afar, good up close, with all the words of the participants.

Icone coeur


Wow effect. An extreme pleasure in giving and receiving it, and for a long time. "The result is breathtaking and beautiful. Emotion is guaranteed", Karen

Cadeau anniversaire, mariage, pot de départ, départ en retraite pour célébrer ensemble une personne qui compte

birthday, wedding, change of life, or simply to please extremely

make a lasting mark on the occasion of a great moment

Icone mégaphone

A memorable gift

Birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, farewell parties, retirements, career changes... all major events are an opportunity to compose a Bouquet of Words.

Icone carton

A meaningful gift

An unforgettable gift with real emotional value. Authentic, striking, moving, it is a gift that is extremely pleasant to give and to receive.

Icone crayon

A personalized gift

200 expressions, 5000 characters on average, entirely dedicated to the celebrated person in a design in his image. Between 10 and 60 participants can contribute. They all sign together in the collective signature. Shape, colors and substance !

Icone collectif

A collaborative gift

Everyone, including the organizer, takes great pleasure in contributing by answering questions about the person they are celebrating. She is the center of attention. The collective message is strong. The design of the Bouquet of Words sublimates it.

who does what ?

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Icone calendrier

The organizer

the one who launches the project

He is the one who launches the project. It establishes the list of people who matter. He invites them to participate in the collection of words by broadcasting the first message to launch the collection. He is my contact throughout the creation of the Bouquet of Words: editorial validation, choice and validation of the design.

Icone collectif

The participants

the entourage of the person we are celebrating

Post their words on the harvest site dedicated to harvest that I created. They savor the pleasure of participating in the creation of the Bouquet of Words and that of the person celebrated in receiving it.

Icone coeur

La personne célébrée The celebrated person

a person, a couple, a group

Enjoy now and for a long time.

Cadeau anniversaire, mariage, pot de départ, départ en retraite pour célébrer ensemble une personne qui compte

to make a unique and powerful design

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Icone calendrier

On time !

Depending on the delivery date you want, I hold and manage the retroplanning which is going well: collection of words, editorial validation, graphic integration, printing to guarantee you delivery of the Bouquet of Words on time so that the surprise is perfect !

Icone mégaphone

Dedicated word harvest

I create a personalized, dedicated and secure site to inspire participants, welcome their words. I lead the harvest over a fortnight. I close this harvest after your confirmation. Everyone who wants to participate is welcome !

Icone pages

Editorial validation

I submit the texts for editorial validation to the organizer before carrying out the graphics and the integration of the texts: we make sure together of the spelling and the coherence of the messages.

Icone enveloppe

Adjusted design and colors

From the selected design, I manually integrate all the words and messages written by the participants into the table. The colors are also refined on the indications of the organizer. Not one word board is like another. Unique and authentic !

émotion à la remise d'un Bouquet de Mots

Plan, ideally, 1 month before the event

Décoration line
Icone remise



Set the delivery date, your choice for the design, the list of people who matter that you invite to participate. I do the rest to ensure D-Day !

Icone récolte



D – 29 : You share the 1st invitation message to the participants you have selected. I take over to ensure the collection of words and the creation of the Bouquets of Words.

Icone validez



D – 14 : At the end of the harvest, we carry out together the validation of the texts and the graphics.

Icone emouvez


move !

D Day : Give a meaningful gift. Trigger an avalanche of emotions, and for a long time.


The result is stunning and beautiful.

4 years later I reread and all the participants reread and remember this magical moment.

Who makes the bouquets of words ?

“Like others, since I was a kid, I tend to create to please birthdays, from photos, videos…

When my uncle turned 70, I wanted to innovate. This is where the idea of ​​the Bouquet of Words was born. When he was handed over, his impact stunned me. Today, I realize it with those who are looking for a gift idea to please a person who really matters and who already has everything, or almost. »


Creator of Word Bouquets

Icone livraison


Delivery throughout France and abroad

Icone galerie

gallery rendering

Direct printing on aluminum (Dibond 3 mm). Timeless rendering that fits into any interior.

Icone attache


Includes a fastening system on the back and a presentation letter that tells the story of its creation (dates of the harvest, number of words, participants, etc.).

Icone pochette


Participates in the impact during the handover. Handmade with a magnetic closure system.

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