cadeau anniversaire d'exception pour une soeur

Birthday, Pop Art Fan

Ultra personal gift for a Pop Art fan

But where does Pop Art come from ?

The expression “pop art” comes from the abbreviation of “popular art” in English, or “popular art” in French. He was born in the mid-1950s in Great Britain and, in another form, in the late 1950s in the United States.


Pop art uses popular symbols, which mark the unconscious from childhood with the aim of desacralizing the work of art which previously was reserved for an elite and which only covered “noble” subjects. Oops !

Crossed looks

Nathalie, Pop Art fan, celebrated for her 55th birthday

I had the honor and the privilege to receive this 1st Oops. I love from I love. So many emotions reading it, rereading it…

What emotions reading all your kind words, messages, expressions, anecdotes on my Oops.
I’m scratching my head for some writings… who could have said this or that but I’ll find. There are so many….i love it.
It seems to me that I will be able to read it, reread it and always discover new things.

Superb harvest, superb work, superb result….thanks to all the co-authors

Caroline, celebrated for her 50th birthday on the initiative of her husband

Receiving a table filled with beautiful attentions from the people who matter most to you is a very, very beautiful experience. Full of anecdotes, a mirror effect on what you give to others or what they think you are. I recommend as a gift for an event. And then for a retirement or an entrepreneur who wants to define the mission of his company with his collaborators. Don’t hesitate, it’s a gift that makes sense and appeals to the recipient and to those who participate.

Isabelle, celebrated for her 50th birthday by her friends

I received my Bouquet of Words on the occasion of the celebration of my 50th birthday. It was touching, unique and beautiful. I was struck by the effect that this proliferation of so varied memories had on me, all gathered side by side on the same support. Like a puzzle of the major stages of my past life. Great way to realize how far you’ve come, alongside the people you love. And which represents such a solid base on which to rely to continue to move forward. This concept is just awesome. Creator of collective happiness…

Some inspiring examples

Creation on the theme of Pop Art

Behind the scenes

Beyond taking up the pop art codes with flat areas of bright colors and simple and full shapes, the work is very popular since it is co-created with 44 co-authors, whose legitimacy is not artistic, at the beginning. It comes from the link that they each share with the person being celebrated. Pop Art, background and form!

To imagine this Pop Art design, I carried out graphic research. When I do this type of research, I have to both find something to satisfy the design side, but also be able to project myself into the graphic integration of words, in this case: 1560 words, 8807 characters.

I also made a choice of colors based on photos of Nathalie’s interior. They have been validated with his brother, to be sure to hit the bullseye !

bouquet de mots popart - oops - making of


A design


Custom colors

Choice of design and colors

More than 30 designs already created are available and presented on the "Design" page. The colors are personalized according to your indications. Ask me for the catalog by mail to have all the proposed designs.

New design

Exclusive design

You want an exclusive creation? That I work from a logo? From a personal photo? Exclusivity is unique in every way!

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So happy