cadeau mariage

Wedding, Angie and Tim

They have chosen not to file a wedding list.

What gift can we give to a couple who has chosen not to file a wedding list ?

Already in a relationship for several years, they wished not to make a list and chose to open a link to pay to an association. But their family wished, while respecting the spirit of their approach, to celebrate their marriage, surround them, show them all their affection.

Guillement gauche

We never tire of reading it, we love it !

Guillement gauche

The perfect idea according to Angie

“It was such a perfect idea ! We never tire of reading it, we love it ! So many memories concentrated in this bouquet, it’s excellent! Thank you thank you thank you”

To celebrate their wedding, Angie and Tim have chosen not to file a wedding list. After a few years of living together, they already had the essentials. And above all, this day, with our friends, our families, surrounded by love and friendship, is their greatest gift.

What can be offered to newlyweds who have not filed a wedding list while remaining faithful to their wishes? A unique, unexpected and lasting mark of affection. Isabelle, Angie’s mother, to prepare for this big day, had the idea of ​​the Bouquet of Words. She gathered all the guests, in secret, with my complicity, to offer them this emotionally charged gift, to show all the affection they are the object of.

At the end of a little more than 2 weeks of harvest, from June 8 to 24, 39 signatories deliver to them, in a very personal graphic design inspired by the logo of Tim’s company, 2122 words, 10134 characters, excluding spaces. They express 128 memories and anecdotes that marked them, 38 ideas about the association they form for them, 80 adjectives that describe them, 5 of which are represented in capitals for having been repeated several times, 37 personal messages to the occasion of this great meeting of which they are at the origin.

They now have their whole life to discover and savor all of these testimonies.

cadeau mariage pour couple qui n'a pas déposé de liste

39 signatories, 10,134 characters united in a single graphic design

Cadeau anniversaire, mariage, pot de départ, départ en retraite pour célébrer ensemble une personne qui compte


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