cadeau depart en retraite homme dirigeant

Retirement, key people

A relevant gift to fall just

For people who have been important to the company, everyone has something to say. Studying these routes is valuable. Doing it effectively is necessary.

At each departure, it is complicated. It is an important moment for the person, for the culture and the life of the company.


The Bouquet of Words is a gift that can be offered to the board or to the management committee.


It’s not just a start. It’s also the start of something else. The Bouquet of Words functions as an anchor, what we are and where we come from, and at the same time it launches onto something else.

Guillement gauche

A gift is great and it's nice, but that's something else.

Guillement gauche

Emotion and sharing

Exceptional service

Katia, deputy director testifies:

“My 2 colleagues cried when they received their bouquet. Their family wrote me an SMS the same evening saying: “Thank you, we know that it was you who had this idea and it’s incredible »

It was not a start for them. It was the beginning of something else, because there is both the anchoring, what we are and where we come from, and then at the same time it launches on something else. I really think it’s a great idea.”


The service rendered leads to an appropriate form. He managed to highlight the words, an image that actually corresponded to each person. With a protocol that is both directive while putting the forms, everything is thought out to allow everyone to put their paw while framing the project.


“It’s very legitimate as a gift, corporate gift, or personal gift. A gift is great and it’s nice, but that’s something else.

pot de départ - depart en retraite



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More than 30 designs already created are available and presented on the "Design" page. The colors are personalized according to your indications. Ask me for the catalog by mail to have all the proposed designs.

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You want an exclusive creation? That I work from a logo? From a personal photo? Exclusivity is unique in every way!

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